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There’s nothing better than a night out with live music. Luckily, Leslieville is peppered with great spots to catch great acts of all kinds. Let’s take a look at some of the diverse venues near The Poet.


Now more than 100 years old, this relic to days past holds a special place in many concert goer’s hearts. As a destination for many up and coming bands, along with modern and past favourites, The Opera House has something for everyone. Over the last 25 years it has been revamped to hold intimate concerts by musicial legends including Nirvana, Eminem, and Metallica. Just a short walk from The Poet, a night out in Leslieville isn’t complete without checking out the marquee outside The Opera House and contemplating a last minute concert.



If you want to escape the city and feel like you’re in Paris or New York, this scene is for you. Inspired by the underground nightlife of these cities, Wayla wants to be part of the new generation and it shows. This welcoming space is the perfect location for a night out from The Poet that you’ll never forget. Whether you’re there for Ena O’Brien and Friends on Traditional Music Wednesday or want to get down with a DJ on the weekend, Wayla has it all. Now all they are waiting for is you.



Originally The Morin House Tavern in 1870, the Duke has been a flagship of the east end for nearly 150 years. Just steps from The Poet, this amazing venue was recently renovated to provide better sound for the countless acts that grace its stage. They always have an eye out for the next big thing, and that’s why their famous Open Mic night draws such a crowd. They also have great local acts including Carole Pope and Honeymoon Suite that perform amazing intimate sets. It’s a great place to go for live music because you never know who might show up, but you’ll be sure to have a great time.


Plus, coming soon, Live Nation has been hard at work on the Live Nation Music Hall, a 2,700 person venue near Woodbine Park that intends to play host to over 150 shows a year!